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Sergei Koblov-Matryoshka Russian Artist

   Sergei Koblv was born and grew up near Oekhovo-Zuyevo,a half hour's drive east of Moscow.He graduated from the prestigious Bauman Higher Technical School in Moscow as an electrical engineer.Unable to find work after graduationSergei remembered how his father had taught him to carve,so he returned home to try to make a living using his childhood hobby.He bagan to carve and paint a series of designs.        
    Sergei's matryoshki are some of the most original in Russia.There are few other artists who carve matryoshki,but most of them carve only superfcially,adding lines to beards or facces.Sergei carves the actual figures into the wood,thereby creating a completely differet effect.

    Sergei specializes in traditional folk tales.Among his best dolls is "The Turnip",which pictures each of the characters of the story pulling on the shirttail of the next one.The piece de resistance is the innermost piece,which is a little carved turnip.Sergei has also developed dolls for a series of tales,inclding "The Kolobok,The Teremok,Masha and the Bear,and The Spotted Hen".In addition,Sergei does several different religious dolls: a series of saints,Noah's ark,Life of Christ,and Nativity.

    Like many folk artists,Sergei is proud of his techniques.He makes his own carving tools and his own paints,which are completely nontoxic and harmless to the environment.Sergei uses ancient recipes to make his paint and will not divulge the ingredients or the methods that he uses to prepare them.
   Sergei has organized a studio at the House of Culture in Davydovo;the studio is importnat for him asa way to ontribute to the community.The participants are mostly students and house-wives,ranging in age from eighteen to fifty.Sergei gives them lessons,provides them a place to work,and,perhaps most importnat,sell their work in Moscow.He does not charge the pupils for the lessons,but does make a small profit on sales.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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