суббота, 19 октября 2013 г.

Christmas and Father Frost

     Santa dolls are new and widespread development in matryoshka production.In Russian,Santa is called Ded moroz,"Grandfather Frost".
  Grandfather Frost's helper is Snegurochka,the Snow Maiden.Therefore,many of the Santa dolls have Snow Maiden inside.There are two Snow Maidens in Russian lore,wich can create some confusion.One is Santa's helper;the other is the subject of a fairy tale.In the fairy tale,a childless couple adopts the Snow Maiden,a statue of snow they find in he woods in winter.She becomes a real person and falls in love with a young man of the village named Lel.In the spring she goes outside to see her beloved and melts away.

       The production of Santa matryoshki has expanded rapidly,largely because of their popularity in the United States.They range in size from tiny micromats to a least 15-pices dolls that are about a foot high.Some are exceedingly simple,some quite complex.

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