понедельник, 3 марта 2014 г.

Our "Working" Vacation to Russia

So..last month we went to Russia to see our family and,in the same time looking for new merchandises for our store" Click here "and  new collaborations.
It was a nice trip,interesting and with some good results :).
Our first stop was in Moscow .On Arbat street you can find and Dunkin Donuts & Wendy's, Starbucks and other. In one word: a little USA in Moscow :).

Our next and the last stop was in Saint Petersbrug.This winter we was a little disappointed because we did not find any snow but happy to see our families.
We had a great time there,spending our days in museums like "Hermitage","Ecaterina's Palace","Church of the Savior on Blood",watching Russian Ballet at Mariinsky Theatre  and more other interesting things.
Hermitage Museum

Ekaterina's Palace

Ecaterina's Dress (made from paper)
Church of the Savior on Blood
Our Moms
And "the cherry on top of the cake" was our visit in a Matryoshka WorkShop.
Our visit was unforgotten.We had a really pleasure to be in that place wich is wonderful,unique,where you can find talented and nice people.Thanks,Olga Smirnova for your hospitality!
And also,Russian Dolls Boutique is the first store in USA that sells their unique,collectible matryoshka dolls.


We really enjoyed our "working" vacation  :) !!!

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