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Konstantin Vasilev and his Paintings

Konstantin Vasiliev was born on the 3 September 1942 in town Maykop of Krasnodar region. His father Alexey Vasiliev was born in St.Petersburg, he took part in three wars (The First World War, Civil War - he fighted in Chapaevskaya division and Second World War - partisan and communist). He was an engineer, big admirer of nature and literature. His mother Klavdia Shishkina - on maternal side she was from Saratov peasants.
  On the 8 of August 1942 Maykop was occupied by fascists, father of K.Vasiliev became a partisan. But in February 1943 the town was set free, and his father returned home. In 1946 the family moved to Kazan, then to Vasilievo village, located in 30 km from Kazan in front of the place where Sviaga flows into Volga river. Virgin forests and an expanse of river waters… Kostya went hunting and fishing with his father. These seems to be unforgettable moments when soul is open to everything wonderful in the world. He began to draw very early. His mother said about him: 'He was born with pencil in his hand'. His parents did their best to help their son to develop his gift for drawing. After he had passed examinations successfully, Konstantin Vasiliev became a student of the Moscow art school - boarding school at institute named after Surikov of Academy of Applied Arts USSR. From 1954 for 1957 he had been living and studing in Moscow. These years were filled with impressions from fine art, music, theatres. There he became an artist, who deeply apprehended a bases of an aesthetics of Russian national art. But then, in the middle of 50s, at school after the change of the director the training of monotonous drawing style began. The teachers started to specify how to draw and what to draw. Social realism did not attract Vasiliev. He wanted to create not under somebody's instruction, he asserted his right to choose a theme and picturesque method. After the annual vacation Konstantin did not return to Moscow school. He had continued education in an art school of Kazan.
The Kazan art school has more than century history. Here studied and taught Nikolai Feteshin, the favourite learner of I.Repin. Talented Kostya Vasiliev was noticed at once. His teachers were P.Speranski - outstanding theatrical artist of Kazan, V.Timopheev and N.Sokolski - learners of N.Feteshin. They continued traditions of Russian realistic school of painting, which was based on figure, colour and composition. It was close to Vasiliev. Subsequently it became a basis of his picturesque method. He had graduated theatrical-decoration branch with distinction, his degree works were the sketches of scenery to a musical drama "Snegurochka" (Snowgirl) by Ostrovski on music by Tchaikovski. By this time on an operational table his father died of coronary deficiency. Konstantin was very depressed, besides him in the family there were two young sisters - Valya and Ludmila. He was the only son and senior brother, their hope and support.
After finishing school he was recommended to take place of the theatrical artist at movable theatre in Menzelinsk. But the place was engaged and Konstantion Vasiliev returned home, in Vasilievo. He became a teacher of drawing and plotting at school, then artist - designer at a factory, periodically he performed the orders of Art fund in Kazan. But his main work he did at home for himself and for his friends. All this time he made his own search of direction in painting.
At the beginning of 60s K.Vasiliev tried many directions of modernism in painting, especially in surrealism and abstract expressionism ("String", "Coliseum" "Atomic explosion", "Argonauts", tenth of abstract compositions). However at the age of 24 he stopped his searches of form. He considered that the art without subject expressing the painter only, but painter must work for people. He thought the ideal to be a goal of creative work. Everyone has its ideal it is God's gift and it could be opened for a person. K.Vasiliev turned to realistic style of painting. He draw native scenery: "Twilight", "Stump", "Chapel", "Swans". Sometimes he draws several images of interesting theme. His paints are often composed as theatrical decoration with side scenes and background. Beauty and harmony of person and world around.
In early childhood K.Vasiliev read Russian epic novels. He was interested in history of nation, and more all - northern Slavs, prehistory of Russian nation, Scandinavian legends. In his creativity he addressed to folk art: songs, epics, fairy tales, Scandinavian and Irish sagas, Poetic Edda. From this moment a heroic theme, epic novels and legends, theme of Second World War (" Marshal Zhukov", "Invasion", " Parade of forty first ", "Nostalgia of home Land ", " Farewell of Slavic woman"), scenary-portrait lyrics, profound philosophical thoughts of life became key points of Vasiliev's creavity . Such canvases as "Expectation", "Swans", "Woman-reaper". " Near the well", " Northern eagle", "Man with an eagle owl " became favorite for many people...
Painter's world view was deeply influenced by Russian literature, especially by F.Dostoevski, N.Gogol, M.Lermontov, I.Bunin. K.Vasiliev was great amateur and expert of classical music. He had a large collection of gramophone records with classical music. Graphic portraits of composers and musicians also reveals his interest to music.
During Vasiliev's life some exhibitions were held, where the works of the artist were submitted. In 1963 he participated in republican exhibition " Artists - satirists of Kazan ", which passed in Moscow, in the Central exhibition hall in Arena. From 1968 to 1976 K.Vasiliev sometimes participated in exhibitions in Zelenodolsk and Kazan. The creativity of the artist became especial popular after his death. During twenty years there were held more than half-hundreds personal exhibitions of his canvases in many cities of Russia and also in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Spain.
IIn 1988 Konstantin Vasiliev was posthumously awarded by Premium of Tatar Comsomol named after Musa Jalil for a cycle of canvases devoted to the Second World War.

IIn 1996 and 1997 were opened two museums and Picture gallery of Konstantin Vasiliev.

This charming collectible stucking doll is made in Russia with love.The set has depctions of Konstantin Vasiliev paintings-a russian artist,a creative legacy,which has more then 400 paintings and graphic works:portraits,landscapes,surrealistic compositions,paintings epic,mythological and battle genre."In another window","The Reaper","The man with the owl","Divination","Yaroslavna's lament","Giant","Monster rusalka","The magic swan gheese" are some of the pictures related on this beautiful stucking doll. Hand painted,hand lacquered,signed by the artist on the bottom in 2000.The largest doll measures 10"tall.Makes a great gift !
Artist:Starostin V.
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